Omega 3-6-9 + Vitamins E



✅ Protection of the cardiovascular system: helps regulate blood pressure.

✅ Prevents blood clotting. 

✅ Balances lipid levels. 

✅ Protects brain cells from aging and degenerative diseases.

✅ Strengthens the immune response.

Improves the condition of skin, nails and hair
Reduces the risk of diabetes
Strengthens immune response
Helps prevent metabolic syndrome
Why OMEGAS 3,6,9 + Vitamin E?

Omegas 3,6,9 + Vitamin E is formulated with a precise blend, the amounts it contains are necessary to protect the cardiovascular system, improve circulation, regulate blood pressure and obtain other benefits such as skin improvement and strengthening of the immune system.

Vitamin E:
Gamma linolenic acid (GLA):
Gamma linolenic acid (GLA):
Fish oil:

Omega 3,6,9 + Vitamin E is the necessary supplement to provide your body with the necessary dose of DHA, ALA, ES and more powerful fatty acids, essential for your well-being. Don't miss it!


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